Prop Money is the Fake Money that is used in Movies, Film and TV Shows to look real on Camera.

The prop money we sell here is smaller size than real money.  It is EXACTLY what you see in the photos.  


No you cannot, this prop money is intended for use in videos and photography. This is not a legal tender.

We will ship your order within 12 hours of when your order is made. Delivery should take 2-3 business days.  

Yes, we ship prop money all over the world.  Your order needs a custom form to be filled out, so delivery will take a little longer, no more than 10 days, depending on your country.  

When your order ships you'll automatically receive an email with tracking no. of your package once it ships, or hit the chat box with a request.

Now, we only accept paypal payment

We do not accept check payments at this time